In addition to being a personal counselor and healer, Dr. D is also an accomplished performer. Interested in Booking for an event? Entertain your guests with the magick of Dr. D’s  adept psychic demonstrations, hypnosis, or interactive workshops! Give your audience a magickal experience they’ll truly never forget!

Ask about Dr D. Cleveland’s free home psychic paranormal parties!

Request a booking:

This is a unique way to spice up a social event. Dr. D will travel to your home, office, or party location to give readings as part of your social function. While you and your friends or co-workers are socializing, Paolo will take those interested in having a reading aside and do a reading for them.

For smaller parties, participants may choose to have a 15, 20 or 30 minute reading. In exchange for being the host, you will get a free 30 minute reading.

In the case of larger corporate or office parties, each guest gets the same amount of time. Depending on the size of the crowd, the time is usually 5 to 10 minutes per reading.

To book a Psychic Party:

*Prior to setting up your party, Dr. D suggests
you check for current openings by checking him with his
calendar. This calendar is updated every time he
makes an appointment, so it is quite accurate.

*Once You have found a mutually agreeable time and date, contact Dr. D. Cleveland

*If you would like an appointment on a day or time
not listed on the calendar, contact Dr. D. directly.
Occasionally, special arrangements can be made.

Pricing: Call for more info.

There is a two-hour minimum requirement for all parties regardless of size or location. For private parties there are two payment options: each individual can pay for his or her own reading or the host of the party can pay an hourly rate.
Variation in pricing between Group and Corporate rates are based on the number of clients seen in an hour. There may be an additional traveling charge for those parties being given outside a 25 mile radius of Jacksonville , Fl.

Since 1999 Dr. D has taught a wide variety of metaphysical subjects. He is available for individual tutoring, single and multi-session classes. Paolo is also available for conferences, workshops, intensives and seminars. He will customize any class to fit your audience. Formats range from an hour-long classes to full day seminars.

If you would prefer to gather a group of individuals in the comfort of your home for a class Paolo will come to you! In exchange for hosting, you will attend the class at no charge.

There may be an additional traveling charge for those booking Paolo to travel outside a 25 mile radius of Jacksonville, FL.

Contact Dr. D. Cleveland if there is a metaphysical topic not listed that you have an interest in exploring.

To arrange for any of Dr. D’s teaching

* Check with his calendar for current openings
* Contact Dr. D

Dr. D’s schedule is flexible and changes frequently. If you would like to book a class on a day or time not listed on the calendar, Contact Dr. D. Occasionally, special arrangements can be made.

Dr .D’s charges call cost per hour for private tutoring sessions.

For private classes, Contact him directly for cost per student. Dr. D’s requests a minimum of five students, including the host.