Mediumship — yes, I see dead people… More Like Shadow People.

I have been a natural medium from the day I was born… seeing Spirits and sharing spooky stories was my first hint that a psychic career might be in my future.

It is a divine gift that I am able to deliver messages from Loved Ones who have crossed and to provide a space to facilitate conversations, soothe hearts and offer closure.The ascended Master Jesus reminds us death was intended to be a joyous act of returning to God!Yet most of us confront death with fear and trepidation.

I believe my mediumship to be a divine gift of putting us back into the grace and joy of death by remembering there is no separation.Our loved ones are just as close now as they were when they were alive.My Gramps jokes that I can still talk to him, I just don’t have to incur the expense of a phone call to do it!

Most often I “feel” the energy of those on the other side rather than seeing them as one might a ghost.In fact working with Spirits is a completely different function!Talking to dead people, that’s easy and a gift I am happy to share whenever it comes up in session.

Still wondering if this is right for you?Check out the testimonials or read the blog to learn more!

Many hugs of thankfulness is sent your way… I cant wait until we can play in the universe once again. You make my heart smile…. I thank you with all of my being!