In my heart of hearts I love these sessions the most!  Call it psychic development, call it an intense journey of self discovery, in the Soul Mastery Mentoring we work to bring the very best of you to the world.  Every session brings in new gifts and waves of empowerment we didn’t know before possible.

Why is every session different?  The magic element is YOU of course!  Your rich soul tapestry continually unfolds and teaches you new things about yourself, your world, and your abilities.    I walk with you to help you learn how to incorporate what is given so you can be it and bring it in your daily life!

 The Soul Mastery Mentoring is a co-creative monthly journey which acts a living Mystery School.  We are all becoming Ascending Masters and are granted with full sovereignty and freedom in this universe.

 A 4 month commitment is required so we can cumulatively build upon the energy we call in and create.  Each one-on-one session will include intuitive guidance and channelings from your Spirit Allies, energetic & shamanic healing,  practical, hands on exercises and assignments  for you to “master” your own energy, and assignments to maintain your vibration between mentoring sessions.

 The mentoring program is intended to help you actively remember your past lives, develop your full spiritual gifts, and to stand in your infinite greatness.

It is in these sessions that we explore the deeper mysteries in this world… practicing psychic awareness, discovering healing abilities installing new chakras, strengthening your merkaba, and receiving direct teachings form your Masters and Teachers.

… And if all this is too woo woo, just know it’s cooler and more mind twisting than you may yet know. But worry not, we’ll get you to the place where you can walk the walk and will in your very being inspire and lift those around you.

 This not a training program, nor an apprenticeship.  You may schedule monthly or every 2-3 weeks as you choose.  Individual appointments will be scheduled at your pace.   Location matters not, we can do this psychic training in Jacksonville or long distance!    Dr. D. Cleveland will deliver messages and encourage,  but is up to you to hold, develop & pursue your own Soul Mastery.  Dr. D will treat you as a perfect and whole being and will hold you to the best of yourself.  A reading and a healing session is a per-requisite prior to embarking on the Soul Mastery mentoring.

 The healing is a crucial aspect to this work as it clears away the psychic debris, allowing the best of you to come the heck on in!

 This is an ideal option for those looking to:

~ develop your own intuitive abilities and understand what your psychic gifts are

~ use your psychic abilities ethically and responsibly

~ fine tune your own innate psychic gifts to manage disruptive energies

~ work with your Angels & Spirit Guides who can act as assist your everyday life

~ learn how to manage your own energy for more vitality, better health and spiritual development, and

~ maintain your brilliance after experiencing the healing benefit of shamanic & energetic work


$210 for private 1 hour sessions.


Both a reading and a healing session should be scheduled before starting the mentoring program.  A 4 session commitment of private sessions is required.


 Begin your Journey!


 So what’s the difference between this and the Soul Mission sessions?

Soul Mastery Mentoring vs. Soul Mission

I greatly appreciate Dr D. Cleveland ability to help me move beyond limiting belief systems and programming into greater levels of empowerment and potential.  I often feel the effects of his energy work immediately.