Rev. Paolo can help you discover what you need to unlock your truest potential.

Do you want to see positive changes in your life and be happy?

Do want abundance and prosperity?

Do you want to quit smoking effortlessly and with no side effects?

Do you want to lose those unwanted pounds and feel great?

Do you want to have confidence and achieve success ?

Do you want to enhance your athletic ability and “get in the zone?”
Do you want to be free from drugs, alcohol, or other addictions?

The number one goal of hypnosis is to improve your life.  Used in combination with the Law of Attraction, hypnosis can bring you prosperity and success by reorienting your thought process to focus consistently on the positive.
Rev. Paolo offers hypnosis programs for both individuals and for demonstration in group presentations.

Hypnosis programs for the individual are offered at Paolo’s Florida location and are customized to your individual needs, whether it’s sports performance or injuries, smoking cessation, weight loss, pain, oncology, regression, fears, phobias, prosperity success, depression or addiction, Paolo’s sessions can give unlock what is necessary inside you to help you conquer whatever it is you’re struggling with. Addiction
Prescription drug abuse is becoming one of the most pervasive medical problems in the U.S. and around the world.  Used in combination with patient rehabilitation, hypnosis has been proven to be a powerful tool in helping people overcome and live addiction-free lives.

Gambling is another addiction that affects millions of people.  And here, again, hypnosis can help.

If a member of your family is having a problem beating their gambling addiction, or any other type of addiction, contact Rev. Paolo today and find out more information about how hypnosis can help you or the one you love let go of their addiction.

Rev. Paolo also works with professional, high school and college athletes to enhance their sports careers through visualization techniques, helping them to be able to play to their fullest potential.

Competitive cheerleading is another application of athletic hypnosis.

Cheerleading involves complex and physically challenging stunts, lifts, back flips, and laser focus in order to accomplish precision moves.  Hypnosis can help the cheerleader with centeredness and focus, enabling them to repeat their winning performances again and again, without errors or accidents resulting in injuries.

Clients wanting to lose weight without a diet program will see how hypnosis works to help the individual to live more confidently, improve their self-discipline, become healthier, and increase overall wellbeing.  Rev. Paolo has helped hundreds of people lose those unwanted pounds and the clients look and feel great!  Let Paolo help you shed those pounds with a hypnosis program tailored specifically to your needs.

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Past Life Regression: Who were you in a past life?

Maybe you were a soldier or a king? Maybe a nurse or a holy man?

Explore your past lives and find out for yourself! A hypnotic past life regression can help you explore and find these answers and explore the possibilities of reincarnation.

Here in the western world we are slowly coming around to the concept of reincarnation. For most of the world’s population reincarnation and karma are just a part of regular life. Thankfully minds are opening up to the possibilities here in the US.


Any number of experiences from our past lives may negatively affect us in this current life path. A person with a fear of water may have drowned in a past incarnation. A recent example of this is a client who came to see me because his left hand had always been weak. Under hypnosis he discovered that he had lost that very same hand in a sword fight. Once he came to this awareness he was able to finally gain more and more strength in that hand.

These kinds of stories are never ending…

Possibly one of the top benefits of a regression is the evidence it gives to confirm our constant evolution and change. It can help give a fresh perspective on life and give a realization of who we are and what we are doing here.

These past life sessions are best for clients who are intelligent and have good concentration. You will enjoy a very relaxing and deeply personal hypnotic experience. While there are many ways to go back into your past life cycles… You will find this peaceful hypnotic regression to be one of the most rewarding events in your life. Many clients report a long lasting peace and relaxation after wards that helps them clarity in their current life path.

If you have a short attention span you may want to skip the past life regression.

Now that you can feel your interest peaking and your curiosity growing, pick up the phone and call now to learn more about scheduling your past life regression. Imagine being able to look back at your past life regression, more fulfilled and confident, knowing that you were able to reconnect with that vast wisdom of your lives lived past.

Past life regression Sessions

$220 $120 Limited time special!

Sessions generally last for about an hour to two hours and include an audio recording of your actual experience. It is important to make sure you schedule this session when there will be ZERO distractions…

Call now for your appointment! OR use my new online booking option for fastest service. Simply use the “schedule new appointment” button at the top of the page and select your preferred date. I will get back in touch with you to confirm your appointment.

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