Appointments are usually available within 2-4 days of scheduling. For more pressing needs, please call me (904-610-3879) directly.

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Intuitive Readings ::: call for pricing

Great insight and inspiration can be found in the 1 hour session.

Specific questions and clear guidance are to be expected!

Whether by phone or in person, you will receive clear guidance and gain great clarity on any situation.

Working in the Akashic Records, we call in your Angels, Spirit Guides & Loved Ones to deliver the messages of love and inspiration that will best illuminate your next steps.

Choose this option for:
~ Akashic Records reading
~ tarot or palm reading
~ love, career, or personal guidance
~ meeting your Angels, Spirit Guides & Power Animals
~ connection with departed loved ones

Often sessions do run longer than the hour we set aside, if you’d like to stay in the flow, an additional payment will be collected. Price will vary. Call for info.

Intuitive Sessions for Couples ::Call for Price

For sweeties in bliss or in distress, a couple’s reading can give you a bigger perspective on the gifts and challenges of your relationship. Often times past lives will pop up, as will ways to improve your communication and expand your love.

Our time will allow for individual questions as well as “couples specific” inquiries. In the case of kiddos, we’ll cover them too as they are a dynamic part of your family.

This 75 minute session requires participation by both parties… obviously Save Big when booking with your love to get the inspired insight you both desire!

Healing Sessions :: Call for prices.

Intuitive guidance combines with ancient healing techniques to provide remarkable clarity and physical energetic relief. Want to find out how this session differs from a reading??

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Using shamanic practices, Egyptian energetics and the direct healing of your own Spiritual team, you will enjoy a peaceful rest while Paolo cleans, clears and restores you from the inside out.

Choose this option for:
~ resolving lifelong fears, patterns & limiting beliefs
~ clearing unwanted stumbling blocks
~ restoring your passion, vitality and joy
~ energetic healing to bring physical & emotional relief
~ shamanic healing including soul retrievals & extractions
~ past life work & galactic play

Master Manifestor Mentoring ::: Spots are Limited, Call for Pricing.
Monthly coaching sessions help you step into the Master you truly are. Learn more about this 4 month program.
Each 1 hour session grants you intuitive guidance, energetic “tune ups,” and a deepening connection with your own innate psychic abilities. Think of this as maintenance for your Soul with the ultimate aim being for you to step fully into your highest self.

Choose this option for:
~ enhancing your own psychic abilities
~ learning how to manage your psychic abilities
~ keeping your energy balanced, for optimum health and spiritual well being
~ learning how to work with Angels & Spirit Guides to assist you in your everyday world
~ practicing and deepening your own work in the sacred mystery traditions

Master Manifestor Mission Sessions :: Special Discounted Price for 3 session package. Call for info.
A 3 session package including intuitive & healing work with the expressed purpose of re-claiming the memories and abilities of your past lives. Read all about the Manifestor Mission sessions!

Choose this option for:
~ in-depth past life work & healing
~ remembering your purpose, passion & life’s work
~ recalling your first incarnation
~ preparing for Ascension!

Celebrating You! Birthday Offer

Paolo wants to honor you by offering a discounted rate to review and plan for the year!

Click on Birthday Session when scheduling to enjoy this lil treat.

You’ll get the same enlightening hour of insight and inspiration at a rate that celebrates your birthday. You may book anytime during your birth month or during the period of your zodiac sign. (For example, Scorpios could book anytime during the month of November or from Oct. 21 – Nov. 22 when the sun is in the sign of Scorpio)

Booking your session is a 2 step process.
You may do this in any order you wish but payment must be received prior to your appointment.


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