Lucky Stars

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Lucky Star

Are you one of the millions of peoplewho read your horoscope every day in the daily newspaper? I am often amazed at how many people whohave little interest in the esoteric disciplines such as astrology, numerology or palmistry who still make the reading of their horoscope a daily habit. I have yet tomeet anyone over the age of 15 who doesn’tknow their sign of the zodiac, as well as the major characteristics that are associated with their sign. Every culture has at one time or another looked to nature for clues to the mystery  that is our existence. It is no wonder then, that our ancestors turned their gaze upwards and searched for answers from the night skies and the celestial bodies that move through them. 

For countless centuries, astrology has been used to gain glimpses of the future and greater understanding of ourselves and our relationships with others. One area that astrology can be especially helpful in is determining how compatible you will be with others. In order to do this, you will need to know the Sun sign of the other person. Once you know this, you may use one of two methods for determining compatibility.


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